Guru and Mother
Smt. Rajamma Sastry
(1925 - 2005)

She was a very good singer, Veena player, Playwright, Composer & a versatile person with varied interests who nurtured & guided the talent of her son.

Smt. Nagarathna Bai
(1930 - 2005)

She was a reputed teacher in a Govt School and an extremely inspirational personality.

Smt. Vallabham Kalyanasundaram
(1912 - 2003)

She was an excellent teacher of great repute.She was the sister & disciple of Sri.Mayuram Vishwanatha Sastry,composer of “Jayathi Jayathi Bharatha Maatha".

Sri. A.V.Krishnamachar
(1920 - 2002)

Popularly known as “Padmacharan”, he was a brilliant composer, violinist, Vaaggeyakaara & a great philosopher.

Sri. T.N. Padmanabhan
(1926 - 2002)

A great Scholar in Sankrit, Telugu, Kannada & English, he was a disciple of the doyen of Kannada Literature Dr.D.V.Gundappa. Sri T.N.P was an authority on Thyagaraja’s compositions.


Another disciple of Dr.D.V.G, Sri.D.R.V was a great scholar in Sankrit, Telugu, Kannada,Tamil & English. He has authored number of books on the life & works of Dr.D.V.G,Veemana,& translated the “lectures on Raamayana” of Rt.Hon Srinivasa Sastry in to Kannada.

Sri. S. Krishnamurthy

He was the grand son of the Master composer Mysore Vaasudevachaarya. He was a great music Director,a composer ,a painter and above all a Musicologist of great repute.