Changing with time

"There have been a lot of writers and newspapers who have been with Shankar all through his journey. Now, Shankar wishes to share some memorable articles and write ups from his cherished archives. Below are some of the excerpts and the links to download the original transcripts."

'Changing with time' Feb 24 2008

" ….Shankar, Who is deeply inspired by the music of maestros like RK Srikantan and the late Palghat KV Narayanaswamy gives more importance to ‘Manodharma’ or creative music, rather than employing mind boggling mathematical calculations aimed at whipping up the percussionists into frenzied crescendo and eliciting claps from the audience. A notable aspect of his concerts is the importance given to ‘shloka’s and the Ugabhogas of haridasas, Set in veritable garland of ragas, they come as delectable desserts after a sumptuous melodic fare …. "


"…Born in 1950, Shankar has been giving concerts since 1969. He won the first prize in the AIR competition in 1973….two volumes recorded and released by Sree sharadha Kala Kendra consists the kritis of Vasudevacharya rendered by him…"

Reliving an Empire's Era

"..The enthusiasm is beyond expectation. This has forced us to take a decision to organise Hampi Utsav regularly and on a grand scale we will invite artistes of national and international repute…” - Chief minister S.M Krishna after the classical music concert"

Kalabhushana for Shankar

"..He has performed in highly reputed sabhas of India. with his high pitched voice he pleases the audience easily, with good feeling..Shankar will receive the ‘Kalabhushana’ from Thyagaraja Kala Sabha…"


Remembering the legendary Vaggeyakara
"...Several Musicologists threw a flood of light on the vaggeyakara who was popularly known as Abhinava Thyagaraja… Shankar is known for his melodious rendition with precise clarity of sahitya combined with sublimity.

Erudition n Experience

"…while the positioning of Swathi Tirunal’s “Pankajalochana” in Kalyani and misra chapu tala as the second item of the evening was a surprise, the restrained alapana, immaculate rendering of the krithi, neraval and kalpana swaras, Validated the choice. A complete change of ambience was accomplished with the ethereal quality of Deekshithar’s ‘Hiranmayeem Lakshmeem’ set to Lalitha raga and Rupaka tala…"

Delicate Nuances of the Raga

"…The music flows in its unadulterated beauty. No cross ways attempted to placate the audience. Everything is straight and simple; Shankar began his recital with th Shankarabharanam at a Tala Varna ... a rich, robust and bass voice lends a singular character and charm to Vilamba Kaala... ....Shankar reigned supreme in all aspects and the grand old krithi – rarely heard on stage – shone forth with artistic and aesthetical qualities…"

Shankar Excels with Laya Precision

"… I’m unable to express it in so many words. The critic’s opinion is subjective. But two critics cannot get way with opposite assessments saying, “One man’s… A good critic is one who targets an overall view and tries to reflect the opinion of the general public. Viewed this way it came as a pleasant surprise that Shankar met most of the judging points of the one and only Anakudi. Yes, I’m giving away my yard stick. At the end of his performance at the Sastry Hall under the auspices of Nadopasana rasikas recalled the vintage years…."

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